Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Jewel Trilogy

New Orleans-based writer Claude Brickell presents The Jewel Trilogy, three exciting mysteries with the same lead character: young and accomplished art historian Michael Bennington who falls into one mystery after another having to do with some missing jewel or jeweled artifact that must be rediscovered. He alone possesses the passion, lust and determination--his specialty is 19th century jewels--to accomplish the unimaginable. He's intelligent, youthful, sexually diverse and extremely likable which either works for or against him as he tackles each thrilling task. The mysteries in the series are The Napoleon Connection (set in today's New Orleans whereby he must search for a rare missing item from the city's famed Cabildo Museum), Carlota's Legacy (set world-wide in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Paris and St. Petersburg with a life and death finale in Brussels while Michael searches for the whereabouts of a priceless artifact, a necklace once owned by the Empress Carlota herself) and The Brotherhood Wars (set primarily in Germany but also in Florence, Amsterdam and Paris where Michael must locate a missing artifact purported to have once been owned by Charlemagne and today the prized possession of a 600-year-old secret organization that claims to control the politics of the entire European continent.

All three books are available at:


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Available in New Orleans at: Octavia Books, Garden District Book Store, 1850 House Museum Store (at Jackson Square) and Borders Books.

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