Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Brotherhood Wars, the final adventure-mystery in The Jewel Trilogy, has young, accomplished art historian Michael Bennington off to Florence to view the exhibition of a rare, recently-rediscovered yellow diamond 'The Florentine' and is quickly involved in another thrilling pursuit of another rare artifact, a ceremonial sword purported to have once belonged to the Emperor Charlemagne himself. This time he's in Germany and with a young and vivacious Arian co-accomplice named Sabina as they plot their pursuit throughout Bavaria, Berlin and Amsterdam on behalf of a 600-year-old secret organization with its roots in the Holy Roman Empire that claims control over the politics of the entire European continent. The trail eventually leads them to Paris and to the Louvre for a death-defying finale only Benington could find himself in and ends the entertaining exploits of the likable Bennington character.

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